USAirconditioning Distributors, City of Industry, Calif.


17 new stake bed trucks. Entire fleet uses natural gas.


USAirconditioning’s fleet of 24 pristine white trucks with blue and red logos on the side are easily spotted in the car pool lanes throughout the Los Angeles and metro area surrounding the company’s headquarters in City of Industry, Calif. It’s what’s inside these standard delivery vehicles, however, that makes them unique.

Powered completely by compressed natural gas, the parts delivery service has experienced quicker deliveries and increased mileage since 2005. The company has continued to expand its natural gas usage, adding 17 stake bed trucks. These 24-foot flat beds range over 300 miles on one fill, according to the company.

Due to the success of this unique fleet feature, USAirconditioning installed its own compressed natural gas filling station, allowing the company to refuel trucks overnight while being loaded for the next day’s deliveries. Besides saving time and money, the company is reducing its emissions by over 90 percent.


“Because natural gas has 130 octane, we have not sacrificed any performance,” said the company. “It provides about the same range as conventional fuel vehicles but is about 8 to 10 decibels quieter than regular vehicles.”

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Publication date:07/14/2008