Supposing Erroneously

[Editor’s note: This letter is in reference to the article “Emerson Enters CO2 Compressor Market,” June 2.]

Rajan Rajendran’s reference to CO2 as “HC-744” is incorrect. The “HC” prefix indicates a hydrocarbon composition for the refrigerant. CO2 is, of course, inorganic.

Andy Schoen
Sr. Product Manager
Sporlan Division, CIC Group, Parker Hannifin Corp.
Washington, Mo.

Be Successful Like Willis Carrier

John R. Hall in the June 9 edition ofThe NEWSasks “What Would Willis Do?” [in the title of the editorial]. Although I never personally met Mr. Carrier, I developed great admiration and respect for his many accomplishments having been associated with the distribution of the Carrier brand for the past 50 years.

I believe the foremost question from Carrier would be, “What happened to what was a most lucrative industry that everyone involved in the chain never achieves their return on investment?” Carrier was a brilliant engineer, but he also had the foresight to associate himself with some of the best business minds available. Yes, his vision and purpose was to help people, but to also be financially successful.

Manufacturers today are continuously reassessing their cost of the product to remain competitive, all the while incorporating electronic control devices, which require a more elevated level of technician than the industry can provide. The industry is fast moving to plug-and-play equipment, and given the current level of technician competency, this could develop into more consumer loss of confidence in our industry.

Everyone in our industry must be willing to invest in the future and return our business to a profitable position.

Richard H. Drinkwater
Applied Equipment Sales Inc.
Tulsa, Okla.

Switching From R-22 Is All About the Price

In response to the June 2 letter “Switched from R-22 Yet? Are You Kidding Me?” I can only assume that the rest of us are not as enlightened as the Great Northwest in regards to HCFC phaseout and “global warming.”

This letter labeled all who have not switched entirely to R-410 yet as “morons” without regard for the commercial/industrial service companies or the residential company that must compete for the same dollars in a distressed market with other struggling residential companies.

I applaud this company for their financial ability to stick to their “my way or the highway” attitude. Unfortunately others in more competitive markets must make a choice between economics and science. As far as the general public is concerned, it is all about price.

Rik Venerable
Account Manager
CMS Mechanical Services LLC
Melbourne, Fla.

Who's to Blame for R-22 Unit Sales

In response to Doug Fergus’ letter [“Switched From R-22 Yet? Are You Kidding Me?”] in the June 2 edition, yes, there are many, many (I am not one of them) who still sell only R-22 units. They are the same people who pushed 10 SEER equipment until they couldn’t get any more. They are the lowball bottom feeders that most respectable companies hate.

But don’t blame them. The manufacturers are still making them. Try blaming them!

Lou Torsello
Vice President
O’Neill Contracting Inc.
Bergenfield, N.J.

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Publication date:07/14/2008