Fresh air, dry air, allergens, dust, chemicals, pollution - just a short list of the challenges contractors confront when striving for optimal IAQ. With the growing desire for healthy homes and the expanding awareness of sick building syndrome, residential and commercial contractors are seeking new solutions to offer their customers.The NEWS’fifth annual Dealer Design Awards’ Indoor Air Quality category afforded three awards to manufacturers endeavoring to assist contractors in their quest.

Honeywell’s TrueSTEAM Humidification System, the gold winner, is designed to operate independently of other HVAC equipment operation. The silver winner, Vital Technologies Inc.’s DryMAX HS-0025-C, is a ductless application that provides dehumidification in heating, cooling, and neutral modes.

The bronze winner, Honeywell’s TrueUV Ultraviolet Treatment System, employs a remote mount system that is designed to expand the unit’s installation flexibility.

GOLD: Honeywell’s TrueSTEAM Humidification System can be remotely mounted up to 20 feet away from the system with a remote-mount kit.


Honeywell’s True STEAM Humidification System is a direct-injection steam humidifier that has been designed to operate independent of equipment operation to deliver the right amount of humidification. The unit requires a 1-3/4-inch cut into ductwork and mounts on a separate lightweight bracket for accurate leveling. In addition, it can also be remotely mounted up to 20 feet away from the system with a remote-mount kit, making humidification possible in homes where it was once thought impossible. No tools are required for wiring, which is done through push-in-terminal blocks.

“This product produces high performance and is innovative,” said a judge. “We have already used the product and will continue to use it in the future,” said another.

There are also no tools required for contractors to access and clean the tank, saving time on annual contract service calls. TrueSTEAM has a reusable tank that can be washed with soap and water or put through a dishwasher to be cleaned annually.

The unit’s dual-action water valve solenoid automatically fills and drains when needed to inhibit build-up in the tank. The tank also automatically empties after 48 hours of inactivity to avoid water stagnation. Common-sense LED lights indicate when the system is running or needs service and also provides feedback to the installer during installation.

TrueSTEAM provides humidity independent of equipment operation, allowing homeowners to reach their desired humidity setpoints regardless of air temperature. For every 1 gallon of water put in, nearly 1 gallon of humidity is produced.

SILVER: Vital Technologies Inc.’s DryMAX HS-0025-C is commonly used in new and retrofit applications for control of humidity due to strong sources.


Vital Technologies Inc.’s DryMAX HS-0025-C is a ductless-split-style dehumidifier. Paired with the CA-0025-C air-cooled condensing unit, it provides and prioritizes dehumidification in heating, cooling, and neutral air modes. Both indoor and condensing units are supplied with coated coils and rugged construction suitable for corrosive environments such as indoor pools and seacoast atmospheres.

DryMAX systems are used in new and retrofit applications for control of humidity due to strong sources. The 2.5-ton system can remove up to 14 lbs of water per hour, ideal for indoor swim spas, smaller hydrotherapy pools, and hot tubs. Multiple units may be used to provide control in larger residential and hotel/motel pools where installation of a traditional unit would not be possible or cost-effective.

Powder-coated cabinetry, dual deflection supply register, and stainless drain pan are standard. Systems are provided pre-charged with quick connect linesets and preprogrammed combination thermostat/humidistat.

For contractors, installation comes down to a few easy steps: hang the indoor unit on the wall; mount the outdoor condensing unit on a pad, sleepers or bracket; install the 2-line set using quick connect fittings; mount the thermostat; and make control and electrical connections. Refrigerant and electrical connections are accessed through a single panel.

The thermostat/humidistat has been preprogrammed at the factory. A filter grille at the intake provides ready access for regular filter maintenance.

According to the company, the contractor can install the system in less than one day with standard tools and a minimum of training. “In DryMAX we have made every effort to simplify the installation process, offering a new solution to challenging humidity control problems,” said the company.

BRONZE: Honeywell’s TrueUV Ultraviolet Treatment System has been designed to fit multiple applications, such as package units, rooftop units, and closets.


Honeywell’s TrueUV Ultraviolet Treatment System is a 24-V, remote-mount system that has been designed to fit multiple applications, such as package units, rooftop units, and closets. Not only can TrueUV be mounted on the inside for weather shielding on package units, but in other applications, it can be mounted on the outside to simplify maintenance.

“This really seems great for package units,” said one contractor judge. “Combined with easy installation, it is even more beneficial.”

It features an angled mounting bracket, which allows the installer more application flexibility. The unit also has a low profile, allowing it to fit in more spaces.

Honeywell’s patented cycle feature extends bulb life up to two years, and it features a patented SnapLamp feature, which allows for easy bulb replacement. TrueUV includes a shield that allows installers to direct UV light where desired.

Honorees: Indoor Air Quality

TrueSTEAM Humidification System

Vital Technologies Inc.

TrueUV Ultraviolet Treatment System

Honorable Mentions
Lennox Industries Inc.
Humiditrol® Dehumidification System for Split Systems

AspenAir High-Efficiency Electronic Air Cleaner - Filter Grille Mount

Publication date:07/14/2008