The Liebert XDK-W is a 19-inch Knurr rack enclosure with integrated cooling capabilities that provides secure and reliable cooling for up to 25 kW of high-density electronics. It is a closed architecture solution utilizing air circulation internal to the enclosure that is completely sealed from room air and environmental conditions. Server heat load is absorbed by the rack’s integrated cold water system through a high efficiency air-to-water heat exchanger in the bottom of the rack. Fitting best in small to mid-size data centers, this solution enables IT professionals to deploy blade servers and other high density heat load computing equipment without creating hot spots in their data centers. It has an automatic front and rear door opener that operates in case of overheating in the rack. The unit delivers the critical control feature of maintaining the fluid temperature above the dew point to prevent condensation on the piping, coils, and walls of the enclosure.

Emerson Network Power
Liebert Precision Cooling