The KD3z is a full computer controlled (CNC) process for cutting of KoolDuct insulated foam board. The process involves a computer, machine table, software package, dust collection system, and rotary tool. The work area of the machine table is a full 4 by 13 feet. The table comes in low-speed/high-speed versions and in two table configurations. It utilizes a carbide miter cutter and is powered by a commercial router. Design, nesting, and control software come pre-installed on the computer. The package will print out documentation of the whole KD3z process. The Machine runs 115v and the dust collection is 220v. Users design the job in the supplied software. With a board on the machine, the program is run and the operator is free to work while the job is cut from the raw material. The packaged software allows the user to design a job and preview the output.