The NEWS’fifth annual Dealer Design Awards Components and Accessories winners were a few among the many. The diverse and vast entries from a bevy of manufacturers challenged the contractor judges to examine closely the bits and pieces that create entire systems. The gold winner, Victaulic’s Style 107 Rigid Coupling, is a newcomer to the contest. This commercial fitting was designed to ease the attaching and removal of components associated with a variety of HVAC water systems. The silver winner is Emerson Climate Technologies’ Emerson® C-Series Thermal Expansion Valve that was designed specifically for use with R-410A. The bronze winner, Raesco Inc.’s A/Ccessible Hanger, is a complete air-handler or furnace hanging system.

GOLD: Victaulic’s Style 107 Rigid Coupling features installation-ready technology and is designed for joining 2- to 6-inch/50- to 150-mm standard roll grooved and cut grooved steel pipe.


Victaulic’s Style 107 Rigid Coupling - designed for use in commercial, industrial, mining, water, and wastewater applications on a variety of systems from condenser, domestic, hot and chilled water to utility and plant services - features installation-ready technology and can be assembled without the need to disassemble the bolts, nuts, gasket, and housing.

Designed for joining 2- to 6-inch/50- to 150-mm standard roll grooved and cut grooved steel pipe, the coupling is rated to 580 psi/4000 kPa depending on the pipe wall thickness. The coupling’s angled-bolt pad design provides a metal-to-metal bolt pad connection for visual confirmation of proper installation. The design of the coupling meets industry standards for support and hanging requirements. It features a Victaulic proprietary grade EHP high-performance, patent-pending gasket geometry, optimized for superior performance under pressure, heat, assembly, stress, and relaxation. It is also UL-classified in accordance with ANSI/NSF 61 for cold and hot potable water service.

When creating this product, the manufacturer considered, among many things, the opportunity to enhance worksite safety. With this coupling, there are no loose parts to drop or lose. The design allows an installer to assemble a standard two-piece coupling by simply inserting the installation-ready coupling onto the pipe or fitting ends and then tightening the nuts. According to the company, grooved couplings install twice as fast as welding, and now the Style 107 installs even faster than the original coupling. The coupling also features flame-free installation. Contractors eliminate the flames and fumes associated with welding and reduce risk on site.

“This is a nice product for any contractor,” said a judge. “It appears to be a real time saver to an already quick application.”

Service and maintenance are also simplified with this coupling. The ease of disassembly provides the serviceman with fast, full access to the pipes and equipment during routine maintenance.

SILVER: Emerson Climate Technologies’ Emerson® C-Series Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) is a balanced-port valve that features a stainless steel power element to eliminate corrosion and prevent valve failure.


Emerson Climate Technologies’ Emerson® C-Series Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) is a balanced-port valve designed for high-efficiency R-410A air conditioning and heat-pump applications, effective over widely varying operating conditions.

According to the company, when combined with the Copeland Scroll® compressor, the C-Series TXV becomes a critical element designed specifically for R-410A applications.

“This appears to be very reliable based on tests and design properties,” noted one judge. “It is great to have one valve for both straight cool and heat pump for use with R-410A.”

With the contractor’s bottom line in mind, every C-Series TXV also features a stainless steel power element to eliminate corrosion and prevent valve failure; laser-etched identification markings for permanent legibility; hermetic, leak-free construction of all joints; compact size to allow installation in limited spaces; biflow capability to allow one valve to control the superheat in both cooling and heating modes for heat-pump applications; balanced-port construction to compensate for changes in operating pressures, due to varying ambients, gas defrost, heat reclaim or widely varying evaporator loads; and an external equalizer for air conditioning and heat-pump applications.

“A balanced port valve designed for R-410A performs much better than a normal valve over varying load conditions,” confirmed one of the contractor judges.

Contractors also benefit from spending less time adjusting valves before moving on to the next job.

BRONZE: Raesco Inc.’s A/Ccessible Hanger is a complete furnace or air-handling unit-hanging system for attic, basement, ceiling, and garage installations.


Raesco Inc.’s A/Ccessible Hanger is a complete 1.5 to 5 ton air-handling unit or furnace hanging system. It allows for simple installation in attics, basements, ceilings, and garages. The A/Ccessible Hanger consists of two hanger bars with telescopic design. It expands up to 27 inches vertically, 4 feet horizontally, and will hold up to 400 lbs.

Each hanger bar has an additional drain pan support bar below and they are connected with two horizontal telescopic bars allowing for full drain pan support. The air-handling equipment sits on the hanger bars with vibration isolation pads. The drain pan sits below the unit and is attached with two clasps. The system is hung with all-tread rod and hanger bolts, which are included. It can also be converted to hang on a wall.

The A/Cessible Hanger not only allows for easy hanging, but it also allows for easier access as well. According to the company, nothing blocks the front or sides of the air-handling unit or furnace. The A/Ccessible Hanger is constructed with heavy structural 14-gauge steel and is a complete kit in a box. The kit includes all hardware necessary for hanging.

The A/Cessible Hanger was designed to solve the contractors’ issues with installation, maintenance, and service of horizontally hung HVAC equipment. With these issues resolved, contractors will save time and money on jobs.

The A/Cessible Hanger provides many installation and service benefits to the contractor. The air handler or furnace is not obstructed during servicing or installation and the installation process is made safer because the product supports the equipment during assembly. It allows for drain pan support, and by installing the ductwork before the drain pan, ductwork can be attached without obstructions.

Honorees: Components & Accessories

Style 107 Rigid Coupling

Emerson Climate Technologies
Emerson® C-Series Thermal Expansion Valve

Raesco Inc.
A/Ccessible Hanger

Honorable Mentions
American Radionic Co. Inc.

DiversiTech’s Metal Drain Pan

Regal Beloit
Heat Shield

Chicago Clamp Co.
Framing Clamp System

Publication date:07/14/2008