The Xenta 700 controller is a building automation controller that to combines building control, Web functionality, alarm handling. Features include powerful control capability for environmental systems, presentation views via standard Web browsers, easy and secure communications over the Internet or private Intranet, and is scalable from small to large installations using IT standards. It is easily installed by connecting it to an Ethernet network and no dedicated PC or workstation is needed to monitor and operate the system. With its scalability, it can be used for small to mid-size buildings. The controllers are designed for easy installation with a simple connection to the Ethernet network with a standard UTP-cable or a standard STP-cable. Control application libraries are included to help contractors get the system started quickly and easily, and to assist operators in running the system. Any data point within the controller or in any of the connected sub-networks can be visualized in the graphics, either served directly from the Xenta 700 devices over the Web, or seamlessly available in a connected TAC enterprise system.