CoolMizer™ is an all-in-one, economizer/fresh-air intake designed for residential and light commercial package and split systems. It features built-in sensors to measure outdoor temperature and humidity, allowing for control based upon fully customizable decision points. The unit’s dual-function dampers can either bring in a small amount of fresh air for IAQ requirements or a lot of air to provide free heating or cooling when conditions are right. All control parameters for the unit are configured with an easy-to-use Setup Wizard that guides installers in plain language. The CoolMizer also supplys a portion of the air from outside, diluting or expelling VOCs and odors. It is a turnkey ventilation control and has its own sensor package which measures both temperature and humidity. It can also control the damper(s) based on time. For use, define the parameters according to the climate and the needs of the customer.

Arzel Zoning Technology