CLEVELAND - Arzel Zoning Technology Inc. has opened Arzel "Comfort College," a state-of-the-art zoning training program for HVAC contractors, distributors, and their customers.

The Comfort College curriculum is centered on the Arzel Zoning Dynamics Laboratory, which has been designed to illustrate the airflow characteristics of a zoned forced air HVAC system. Comfort College courses demonstrate the power of zoning to create custom comfort environments in homes and offices. Participants utilize the latest zoning air-distribution concepts, applications, and products. They are also given sales and marketing training, enabling them to use zoning to grow their professional reputation and therefore their businesses.

Dennis Laughlin, president of Arzel, said, "As a pioneer in the manufacturing of retrofit zoning technology, we recognize the need for ongoing training, and the need to create a venue for getting regular input from our customers. That's why the college is really a ‘two-way street.' We have years of experience in helping people to zone existing homes and we've compiled that experience into course work that will help them plan, design, and implement strategies to help keep their customers comfortable and grow their businesses."

Comfort College has been set up with a flexible approach. "We have seen all of the common problems that our customers face," Laughlin said. "We make our training flexible enough so we can model real situations. The result is that those who attend the program develop concrete solutions they can take back to their organizations and put into practice immediately."

Publication date: 08/29/2005