VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Smartcool Systems Inc. reports that the company’s Energy Saving Module (ESM™) technology has successfully completed vigorous testing by the University of Miami’s Department of Industrial Engineering for Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) under FPL’s Conservation R&D Program. The goal of the research was to estimate how Smartcool’s ESM is able to reduce energy consumption overall but, more importantly, reduce demand during peak hours both in the summer and winter.

The ESM technology was installed on the HVAC equipment at a national chain drug store located in Miami. The ESM is an electronic control system which collects temperature data versus time when the compressor is on or off in order to calculate the optimal run time for each compressor. The control modules connect to switches located between the thermostat and each compressor.

The testing used data loggers to determine demand reduction during Florida Power & Light’s summer schedule peak hour (4-5 p.m.), and winter schedule peak hour (7-8 a.m.), specifically during the months of August and January, respectively. Additionally, consumption and reduction of energy (kilowatt-hours) was also of primary importance.

Based on the data collected, it was concluded that the ESM was able to reduce the kWh consumption by 8.9 percent and to reduce the peak demand by 10.8 percent. Using the test building characteristics and typical average weather for the FPL service territory, the annual energy savings was estimated to be 43,660 kWh with a demand reduction of 6.9 kW at 4-5 p.m. in August. The greatest energy savings occurred during the summer months. These savings were achieved with no report of change in comfort by the occupants of the test location.

Chris Lefaivre, VP sales and marketing for Smartcool Systems, said, “The savings shown in the report reflects a 29-month payback, before applying rebates that it now qualifies for, based on the size and location of the test environment. Industry reports have shown that this falls well within the parameters that industry is looking for when evaluating the economics of capital programs. We will now be able to approach customers armed with a document that illustrates impressive kWh savings and peak demand reduction giving them further confidence that Smartcool’s ESM technology will provide significant cost savings.”

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Publication date:07/28/2008