ARLINGTON, Va. - The Chiller Systems Group (CSG), a network of independent contractors who specialize in chiller installation and service, has announced a closer working relationship with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA).

Effective as of the CSG’s next meeting in September, all CSG members have agreed to join ACCA, according to an announcement issued by the CSG’s Steering Committee.

“ACCA is uniquely positioned to represent our specific interests before a number of important audiences, including legislators, regulators, manufacturers, and building owners,” said Pat Rucker of Entech, one of CSG’s founding members. “While CSG will remain independent and committed to providing exclusive education and technical work for the best chiller service contractors in the nation, we believe ACCA and its representation plays an important role in furthering the interests of our members and of all contractors. The small investment to join ACCA pales when compared to what they have to offer our members.”

Paul Stalknecht, ACCA president and CEO, said, “The Chiller Systems Group is a formidable group within the industrial sector of our industry, and we have worked with them on a number of vital issues over the years. We are excited that they have seen such value in the power of ACCA that they have decided to make membership in our organization a prerequisite for membership in theirs. This represents a great opportunity for the entire HVACR contracting industry as the ACCA Federation continues in our mission to provide contractors with one powerful voice.”

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Publication date:07/21/2008