The 5000 and 8000 Series high-efficiency, wall-mounted, gas-fired forced-draft heaters are 82 percent efficient. Each series contains two models; there’s the 5001 and 5002, as well as the 8001 and 8002. The 5000 Series has a nominal heat output of 14,514 Btu, whereas the 8000 Series has a nominal heat output of 23,817 Btu. The -002 models have special features for year-round use, including a high setting for winter, a low setting for spring and fall, a recirculation switch for summer, a humidifier for dry weather, and a seven-day timer-clock for programmed use. They can be installed in the same spot as many older, inefficient heaters, using the same gas line and vent hole. A Retrofit Adapter Kit is available to compensate for the extra space left when replacing the older, bulky vent terminal with the company’s vent terminal. Both series are available in three standard colors and five custom colors. The TS2000 works without electricity; it operates on the natural draft principle. According to the company, because no electrical connection is required, it’s perfect for emergency use. It has an efficiency of 79 percent and a nominal heat output of 5,850 Btu.

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