Rooftop Systems Inc.’s Residential Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Ventilator (RAVE) is installed as a stand-alone unit or tied into the duct system of central air conditioning and heating system. It is used to bring ventilation air into the home and exhaust stale air from the home while recovering energy from the exhaust air stream. The unit comes fully assembled with single point power connection with hanging brackets for suspended application or can be simply set on a platform. It has toolless access to all service components, a computer port for service troubleshooting, a heartbeat indicator to show the unit is operating properly, a cleanable enthalpy wheel with wheel rotation indicator, a dirty filter indicator, and it uses standard filter sizes. The unit has a fully adjustable air flow range of 50-240 cfm and can be installed in multiple configurations - horizontal, downflow, or upflow .

Rooftop Systems Inc.