The Prodigy Eclipse EH222 is a remote cooled modular ice machine that can produce from up to 700 lb to 1,035 lb of ice per day. It also comes in the EH430 model that can produce from up to 1,520 lb to 1,884 lb of ice per day. The ice machine is equipped with external indicator lights that constantly communicate information about its operating status. The control board features an easy to read LED display with descriptions and instructions on the control board itself. Also on the control board is a component light display that allows for diagnosis of operational issues. This unit is equipped with an ice level sensor allowing for manual adjustment of the ice level in the bin or dispenser. This eliminates the need for installing bin thermostats. The EH222 is only 16.5” deep and the beverage dispensers can be cleaned without having to move the ice machine.

Scotsman Ice Systems