The Refrigerant Metering System enables retailers to accurately monitor and track their refrigerant usage, helping them to maintain compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) reporting and record keeping requirements for Class I and Class II refrigerants (EPA Section 608). The system measures the amount of refrigerant a service provider adds to a refrigeration system over time by accurately tracking the amount of gas as it is added to a system. Its integrated computer then stores this data, making it available both locally and remotely for easy record review. When connected to a store’s Ethernet network, retailers may access the system with Emerson’s ProAct™ software suite, allowing data to be graphed, trended, and archived for future analysis. The system also functions as a maintenance tracking platform. Technicians log system symptoms, problems, and repairs in its onboard database, providing a standardized maintenance log. Data may then be transmitted to a centralized database for archiving, logging, trending, and analysis. When used in standalone mode, the Refrigerant Metering System’s keyboard and mouse enable quick access to all locally archived data. According to the manufacturer, it is an innovative product compatible with its Intelligent Store™ architecture.

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