The Carbon Monoxide Safety Association (COSA) has received accreditation of its carbon monoxide (CO) course from the National Oil Heat Research Alliance (NORA).

According to COSA, the course, designed to cover the dynamics of combustion and the formation of CO, is for all trades and skill levels. Because there are many sources of CO from automotive and transportation influences to the mechanical systems in homes and businesses, throughout the program topics of discussion include the health effects of CO poisoning, warning signs and symptoms as well as CO alarms and the effects of UL standards upon vulnerable people. There is a strong focus towards CO monitors, detectors, test instruments, testing protocols, and procedures for technicians and inspectors.

The NORA education center approved the course for seven continuing education units (CEUs) and will identify the program as CMS-02.

For more information, contact COSA at 800-394-5253, or visit the Website at

Publication date:06/23/2008