AtlasCare’s Dick Thomas (left), vice president, Service Division, and Roger Grochmal, president and CBO, celebrate the launch of the new AtlasCare brand.

OAKVILLE, Ontario - After celebrating its 75 years of customer service last year, Atlas Air decided to change its name to reflect its renewed commitment to a higher standard of customer care. Now called AtlasCare, the company announced its new title to more than 150 company employees, colleagues, and suppliers who were invited to the brand launch. During the launch, Roger Grochmal, president and chief brand officer of AtlasCare, introduced the new brand and gave attendees a taste of what was involved in the rebranding of a company and outlined what it would mean for its customers.

“Last year we celebrated our 75th year in business, and we embarked on a journey to redefine our company to be the most trusted home service provider in the business,” said Grochmal, who has owned the business for 21 years. “Part of that process involved speaking with our peers and customers to find out why they stay with us and refer us to their friends and family. The result of our research was compelling. In short, our customers value our standard of care.”

According to Grochmal, it was this concept that drove the decision to change the company’s name and redefine its mission to work diligently at earning customers’ trust so they will “actively refer us, and stay with us for life.”

The brand has adopted a positioning statement of “pursuing perfect health for your home.” According to the company, this statement captures AtlasCare’s commitment to high quality as one of the industry’s only ISO-certified contractors, keeping its customers knowledgeable about advances in the industry, ways to conserve energy, save money, improve comfort, and keep families protected, safe, and healthy.

“While the look and name of the company have changed, its core purpose remains the same: to improve the quality of life for its employees, customers, suppliers, and communities through passion for serving others,” pointed out Grochmal. “Our customer base has a higher expectation of us and we no longer look at ourselves as simply HVAC contractors - we are home health managers providing our clients with solutions that improve the overall health of their homes.”

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Publication date:06/16/2008