ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. - The Air Movement and Control Association International (AMCA International) announced that the Board of Standards Review of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has approved ANSI/AMCA Standard 320-08, Laboratory Method of Sound Testing of Fans Using Sound Intensity. This standard establishes a method of determining the octave band sound power levels of a fan, says the association. The method is reproducible when all requirements of the method are met.

According to AMCA International, this standard is intended to apply to fans of all types and sizes, and is limited to the determination of airborne sound emission for the specified setups. The standard was developed in response to the need for an accurate and reliable method for determining the sound power level of fan equipment without special acoustical facilities such as anechoic, hemi-anechoic, or reverberant rooms. It allows for smaller and larger fans to be tested than was possible previously in the AMCA laboratory using ANSI/AMCA 300, Reverberant Room Method for Sound Testing of Fans.

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Publication date:06/16/2008