Three humidifiers have been added to the line of York® home comfort products - a small and large bypass humidifier and a high-capacity, fan-powered humidifier. They provide humidity in the form of pure water vapor to prevent minerals from entering the airstream. Water is supplied to a distribution tray and flows evenly across a water panel. Heat from the heating system causes the water to evaporate. Vapor is then distributed throughout the entire home. During operation, a constant flushing action occurs that sends mineral leftover from evaporation to a drain at the bottom of each humidifier. Maintenance includes cleaning the water distribution system, replacing the water panel, and flushing the drain line. The optional automatic humidifier control continually monitors and responds to outdoor temperatures by receiving signals from an outdoor sensor more than 400,000 times per day. This ensures optimum levels of humidity throughout the home as outdoor temperature changes occur.

Johnson Controls, Attn: Mickey Smith, York Brand Manager, 5005 York Dr., Norman, OK 73069;

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