Three new humidifiers have been added to Coleman’s IAQ products: a high-capacity fan-powered humidifier and a small and large bypass humidifier. The automatic set-it-and-forget-it control keeps a home’s humidity level exactly where it should be, and eliminates the need to fill and clean reservoirs, says the company. Both the large and small bypass humidifiers mount on the supply plenum or return duct and require a 1/2-inch drain connection and a minimum static pressure of 0.2 inches water column to create airflow for evaporation. The units include a manual humidistat, saddle valve, a 24-V step-down transformer, and a scientifically designed water distribution tray that keeps water flowing evenly over the water panel for maximum evaporation. The units also offer fast and easy left-right bypass conversion with their reversible housing, nameplate, and drain spud/plug features.

Johnson Controls, Attn: Jeff Hurt, Coleman Brand Manager, 5005 York Dr.; Norman, OK 73069;

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