Steven H. Allen, senior consultant for HVACR Education & Recruitment of the United Association, talks with an attendee at the MCAA national convention held in Palm Desert, Calif. Photovoltaic cells is just one of a variety of eight technologies being illustrated in the mobile classroom.

PALM DESERT, Calif. - The Mobile Classroom of Sustainable Technologies is a collaborative initiative sponsored by members of the mechanical and construction industries to promote environmental stewardship of building technologies through education and training.

The 40-foot-long green and white trailer is equipped with eight workstations, each of which offers hands-on installation, operation, and service training opportunities on state-of-the-art green building technologies.

The primary program sponsors are the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA), Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA), United Association (UA) of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada.

The Mobile Classroom will showcase a variety of high-end, environmentally-friendly building technologies, creating an educational forum to promote greater understanding of green building issues.

Tailored training modules have been created to integrate trailer workstation experiences into existing UA training curricula. The trailer will visit cities around the country in collaboration with existing UA training and educational activities. Among its uses will be: hands-on skills training for UA craftspeople and MCAA/MSCA contractors, educational outreach to customers, informational programs for schools and communities, technician recruiting, and industry promotion.


The mobile classroom is part of an overarching environmental outreach and awareness campaign called Building a Greener Tomorrow: Partnership for Environmental Leadership. In addition to the Mobile Classroom, this initiative includes MCAA’s LEED AP training curriculum, the UA/MSCA’s Green Awareness Training and Certification program,, and a host of other online and offline educational programs.

Trainers and simulators found in the classroom trailer include: fuel cell technologies, wind power generation, solar heating system, solar photovoltaic system, grey water toilet flushing system, anaerobic treatment process, infiltration demonstrator, geothermal system trainer, and a gas fired warm air heating demonstrator.

Dates and locations for the Mobile Classroom of Sustainable Technologies are currently being formulated, and a schedule will be released later this spring.

The Mobile Classroom of Sustainable Technologies, otherwise known as the green trailer among association insiders, will be on tour throughout the year.


MCAA launched its Green Building Webinar Series on March 27 with a presentation on Seizing the Green Building Opportunity taught by Jerry Yudelson. The program was a big success with over 250 attendees in 85 locations taking an hour out of their day to get the latest info from one of green building’s most successful marketing consultants. This presentation was free to MCAA members. Members can view an archived version of the Webinar by going to the association Website. The next webinar is scheduled for May 22. Tim Wentz will present the Economic Analysis of High Performance Strategies (Part 1).

Other 2008 webinars and their tentative dates include: Economic Analysis of High Performance Strategies (Part II) taught by Matt Gregg (June 26); Water Efficiency Products and Design presented by Matt Gregg (July 24); New Technologies, Lessons and Opportunities in European Green Approaches taught by Jerry Yudelson (Sept. 25); and Retro Commissioning taught by David McFarlane (Nov. 20).


MCAA workshops have trained over 300 candidates for the LEED- Accredited Professional (AP) exams. The LEED-AP New Construction exam is available to MCAA members. This intensive two-day course taught by Courtney France covers every aspect of the LEED-NC 2.2 rating system and prepares attendees to take the LEED-AP exam for New Construction.

A separate course is offered to help service contractors prepare for the LEED-AP course for Existing Buildings, covering green service, operations and maintenance topics. Many of the Mechanical Service Contractors Association (MSCA) will find this session more fitting to their needs.

Publication Date:05/12/2008