The Rave residential energy recovery ventilation (ERV) unit uses a patented wheel technology, providing homeowners with a comfortable indoor environment of fresh, healthy air. The specially designed wheel within the ERV rotates between incoming and outgoing airstreams. This helps exhaust stale air while simultaneously introducing fresh air into the home. During recycling, harmful contaminants are removed from the air. Engineered to use standard pleated filters, the ERV can remove airborne particles as small as 5 microns. To maintain efficient HVAC operation, incoming cold winter air is preheated and warmer summer air is pre-cooled before being introduced into the home’s air circulation system. The desiccant impregnated wheel allows homeowners to remove moisture in the summer and add humidity in the winter. The optional, wall-mounted remote control allows users to switch the unit on and off, place it in economizer mode for greater energy efficiencies, and adjust the wheel speed.

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