Granular coil cleaners are one means of saving space in service vans.

If there is one thing that technicians don’t need, it is one more thing to carry in their trucks.

At least that’s the mindset of many techs as they deal with more refrigerant canisters due to changing regulations, more components in the more sophisticated systems, and more tools and test instruments for the servicing of those sophisticated systems with all the new refrigerants.

So, if they can find any way to reduce any aspects of what is in a truck, they more than likely will take a hard look at that option.

One approach is concentrated chemicals that might be used for cleaning. Concentrated liquid has been one option. But a recent development has been the adaptation of chemicals in a granular form to be mixed with water on the jobsite.

One advocate of such an approach is DiversiTech Corp., an Atlanta-area based company. It has recently introduced EZ-Mix™ Granular Coil Cleaner™ that company officials said takes up two-thirds less space in the service vans and weighs two-thirds less than liquid cleaners.

“It’s easy to carry around on the jobsite,” said Dave Irvin, chemical product manager, “and it’s not hazardous to transport or store.

“Its dry, granular form prevents against accidental spills that can damage expensive equipment, parts, or tools in the back of the truck - or a customer’s property while on the job.”

Irvin said the granular product dissolves rapidly and completely in water, no matter the quality of the water.

The company makes two versions of the product. The blue concentrate is for air-cooled condensers and coils; and a green concentrate is for evaporator coil cleaning.

“Both products are formulated to provide an easy-to-use cleaner that is functionally equivalent to conventional liquid concentrated condenser coil cleaners when mixed as directed,” said Irvin. “Its foaming and penetrating action removes dirt, lint, grease, environmental debris tarnish, and corrosion deposits.”

The blue formula was also designed “to eliminate the need for prolonged soaking, steam cleaning and scrubbing coils,” Irvin said. The green version “deodorizes and rids condensate pans of slime.”

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Publication date:06/02/2008