A new DVD video and Windows software training set for Coleman air conditioning systems is available. Designed as a training tool for independent contractors, distributors, and technicians, the two-disc set is the second in the ProficienTECH Series of media-based technical training. The 56-minute DVD systematically covers each component in the air conditioning cycle, providing viewers a thorough comprehension of system operation. It features segments on theory, the air conditioning cycle, components, installation, and service procedures. With an easy-to-understand format, the step-by-step service and troubleshooting information provides technicians the opportunity to better comprehend the components in these air conditioning systems, said the company. The accompanying software incorporates a library of services including all installation, service, and user’s documents related to the product. An interactive theater plays video clips and a step-by-step tutorial on the electrical sequence of operation of an air conditioning unit. The software keeps the latest product information on the user’s Windows desktop by incorporating an automatic update feature.

Johnson Controls Co., Attn: Jeff Hurt, Coleman Brand Manager, 5005 York Dr., Norman, OK 73069; www.switchtocolemanac.com

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