Ultra SlimPak (G series) and Ultra SlimPakII (WV series) are signal conditioners that amplify and condition weak signals generated by process sensors. The Ultra SlimPak utilizes the latest ASIC and microprocessor-based technologies to provide 1,800-vdc isolation and wide-ranging adjustments. The power supply of the signal conditioners will accept any ac or dc source between 9 and 300 vdc; typically a 12- or 24-vdc supply is used. The Ultra SlimPakII is configured using DIP switches and features pushbutton calibration. The Smart Power feature adjusts the output voltage and current, depending on the power output required to drive the current load. A low-impedance current loop will subsequently use less power than a high-impedance current loop. In addition, Smart Power can reduce the operating temperature as well. The signal conditioners are now compliant with European Union directive 2002/95/EC on RoHS.

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