The Estimation™ Logistics 7.3 version of this estimation program offers full integration with the American Contractor™ job cost accounting solution. According to the manufacturer, this integration means an estimator can send an estimate directly to accounting from within the Estimation Logistics program itself. Another enhancement to the program is the Estimation Digital Takeoff. It allows estimators to generate takeoffs straight from digital plan files from an online plan room, scan in plans, or upload them from a CD-ROM. Once the plans are loaded, the estimator can measure and/or count on a computer screen using a mouse. It allows the estimator to zoom in to any line or contour on the drawing, making it far more accurate than traditional manual takeoffs, says the company. Proposal Writer, a third improvement, helps contractors accumulate estimate details and create proposals. The application includes many user-definable fields to give contractors flexibility throughout the proposal creation process, as well as tracking tools to help them organize and monitor submitted proposals. Proposal Writer incorporates a Proposal Wizard, which will quickly accumulate bid details for a proposal. Once they've created a proposal, the program allows contractors to easily track the status of bids by a variety of criteria such as client, estimator, salesperson, lead source, bid file name, start date, and more.

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