NEW YORK - In the compressor sector, recips, rotaries, scrolls, screws, and centrifugals continue to jockey for position and expanded acceptance in wider and wider ranges of HVACR applications. Most all had their advocates and new versions of all types were on display at the 2008 International Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Expo.

As part of this issue ofThe NEWS’focus on compressors, we offer the following information on the newest developments based on press material and written literature provided at the expo.


The focus was on compressors using R-404A among a number of recip products ofEmbraco-Aspera(

Product capacities were said to range from 2,800 to 27,150 Btuh. “Embraco is now able to offer its customers a range of compressors with cooling capacities previously not available in its line,” was one comment from the company.

Reciprocating compressors employing inverter technology from the Italian company Dorin Innovation were shown at the expo byBlissfield( According to a statement from the company, “The never-ending increase of demand for more efficient solutions is forcing the market to search for alternative solutions in order to improve system coefficiency of performance. One of the best options available is the use of frequency regulations.

“However, this type of application hides potential risks. After continuous research, Dorin is now able to offer to the market a range of compressors suitable to be inverter driven, called Hi-Range, a qualification protocol permitted to address and solve both problems related to lubrication and oil carry over; and electric motor cooling and reliability.”


A rotary compressor fromPrattco Inc.( was designed for use with water-source heat pump PTACs, portable a/c, mini-split a/c, and others. There are models for R-410A and R-22 with what was said to be a wide range of cooling capacities.

Rotary compressors designed for commercial applications like bottle coolers were shown byACC Spain, S.A.( Another selling point was its “S” line of compressors that “offers a redesigned shell to reduce noise level and vibration and mechanical modifications to increase reliability.”

The company also featured compressors for use with R-744, HFC-134a and R-404A in commercial refrigeration. “These ranges offer the most suitable compressor for customers’ needs; the new version allows reducing the energy consumption by 20 percent with respect to current versions,” the company said.

Rotaries fromXi-an Quingan Refrigeration Equipment Co.( were featured by a company that was formed in 1979 and announced that it had produced its 20th millionth compressor in 2007. The company said it is now producing about 5 million units a year and is stressing the use of inverter technology.


Scroll compressors drew quite a bit of attention fromEmerson Climate Technologies( The company noted that its Copeland digital scroll is now available in R-410A models through 12 hp for commercial air conditioning applications. “They offer the ability to infinitely modulate compressor capacity from 10 to 100 percent and is ideal for commercial applications with widely varying loads or a need to maintain precise temperature and humidity control,” the company said.

The company also used the expo to note that it is approaching the production of the 5 millionth Copeland scroll designed specifically for R-410A.

Danfoss( announced at the expo that it has introduced the Apexx VSH Series compressors that it said were “R-410A variable-speed scroll compressors for commercial air conditioning and heat pumps.”

The company said the series compressors vary continuously to match system load, with an operation range from 30 Hz to 90 Hz. The drive in each VSH package is designed to match its compressor.

“Compressors in traditional commercial system designs are sized for most efficient operation under peak load conditions,” said Greg Johnson, strategic marketing manager for Danfoss. “And without unloading capability, the compressor will deliver excess capacity under the part-load conditions that exist 85 percent or more of the time. The penalty is significant and a costly energy waste. In contrast, the Apexx compressor is designed to maintain high isentropic efficiency at part load and has the inherent benefit of precisely and continuously matching the load. Continuous operation means less cycling and system stress, higher reliability, and longer lifetime.”

Scroll compressors fromTecumseh( were announced at the expo. They were said to comprise a full-line for commercial refrigeration using R-404A for medium-temperature applications. The company also announced that the line would be further expanded with low-temperature models to 4 hp for freezer applications starting in the second quarter of 2008. “With several hundred already installed in North America, this product will be introduced into global markets during 2008 and will expand to include higher hp models over the next two years.”

Regarding the scrolls, the company said the tubes and housing are designed to be drop-in replacements with competitive models.

A digital scroll compressor fromBlue Star Limited( distributed through Carl Tronix was said to have compact design, a white color, and polyester powder-coated sheet metal housing for longer life. Applications were said to be residential and commercial buildings.


New among screw compressors was the RC2 Series fromHanbell Precise Machinery Co. Ltd.( The technology includes a high-efficiency motor available for part winding start to star delta start, an economizer operation, dual-capacity control, and integral oil separator.

Publication date:03/31/2008