MISSISSAUGA, Ontario - The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) held the first meeting of a proposed new Technical Committee on Solar Energy. The terms of reference for the committee are being formalized, but it is expected that they will focus exclusively on solar, thermal, and photovoltaic technologies.

The committee will be responsible for developing and maintaining standards in the field of solar energy, covering operation, safety, performance, design, installation, durability, and reliability related to solar heating and cooling components and systems; photovoltaic components and systems; hybrid systems that include the two items mentioned previously; and any other solar energy equipment and systems.

CSA is looking to recruit additional committee members, in particular members involved in building or plumbing code development or permits/approvals involving solar technologies.

If you are interested in participating in this committee or would like additional information, contact Robert Storey, CSA’s project manager, at 416-747-2685 or e-mail robert.storey@csa.ca.

Publication date:03/17/2008