We recently returned from New York City where we attended and participated in both the B2G Summit and AHR Expo 2008. Although both were very different events there was a common cry for a significant change that would provide a path to sustainability. The underpinning of both was building automation utilizing Web communications and Web services are a large part of this.

I have often maintained that building automation coupled with Web services or software as a service (SAAS) is the greenest of glues and holds tremendous power to bring radical and rapid change to our industry.

Of interest, Clay Stevens, manager, AHR Expo wrote, “Your readers might be interested in knowing that the 2008 AHR Expo in New York set a new all-time record for registered visitor attendance at 39,298. Included in that number is a record number of folks from 132 countries outside the U.S.: 6,778.”

In response to the common answer at both events in New York of “Just Google It,” we have moved our AutomatedBuildings.com Google Search dialog box to our home page. I must admit that I have become the greatest fan of the change. Although it was always just a click away, this is an easier way to find what you want on our Website. May 2008 will be the 10th anniversary of our online magazine.

For more information, go to www.automatedbuildings.com.

Publication date:03/17/2008