The Monster Box™ Series, featuring the Piano Box (Model 1000), Chest (Model 1010), and Cabinet (Model 1020), is a durable and secure storage option for jobsites. Features include heavy-duty tubular steel framing, four-point crane lift system, integrated drill-resistant lock, and Power Pass™ electrical pass-through. At 30 (wide) by 66 (long) by 55 inches high, the Piano Box has a storage capacity of 48 cubic feet. It has two fixed shelves and a rack for hanging fall protection equipment. Having the same dimensions as the Piano Box, the Cabinet has a storage capacity of 52 cubic feet. It is constructed with two fixed, full-width shelves, one adjustable full-width shelf, and shelves in its doors. The weather seal improves weather resistance. The Chest holds 31 cubic feet and has a 30- (wide) by 66- (long) by 36-inch (high) frame. It is designed with a deep cover for strength and security. The Chest also features a heavy-duty single cover support for easy cover closing. The heavy-duty hinges on the Monster Box are extra durable and pry-in resistant. Fixed handles on the ends are recessed to stay out of the way and allow for easy gripping when needed. Heavy-duty accessory casters are available.

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