NEW YORK - Rehau has launched a professional contractor development program for the North American market. According to the company, the Rehau EdgeSMis structured to encourage all aspects of contractor growth through training; design services; company branding; and local, regional, and national events. The program is designed for both commercial and residential contractors.

“Essentially, what takes place at a Rehau Academy or Skill Builders training event is a three-day training that focuses on how to install radiant piping systems, how to design radiant piping systems, and a good understanding of PEX pipe and all of the related program accessories that go with it,” said Michael Dietrich, heating business team manager. “Branding for us means that the contractor can brand his company and also brand Rehau. The contractor positions himself as a premium player in his market. He becomes the local expert.”

The design service includes software and support for designing heating and plumbing systems.

Dietrich described the events portion of the program as “facilitating networking and building relationships through the whole distribution channel partner chain - Rehau, the contractor, our manufacturer reps, and our distributors. … You get that whole team in one room, which is unique. The contractor can see the complete support network behind them.”

Publication date:02/11/2008