A new duct tightener has been added to the Midwest Snips® line of HVACR specialty tools. The tightener’s patent-pending design makes it fast and easy for one person to connect duct runs, the company says. The installer aligns the adjoining duct runs and, using one hand, slides the duct tightener’s V-notch end over the duct end-tabs to hold the ductwork in place. The installer then taps the duct tightener firmly onto the end-tabs with a hammer to pull and align the duct runs tightly together. A drive-cleat is then inserted and the duct tightener removed. The duct tightener’s V-notch accommodates varying duct run gaps and end-tabs. The tightener fits into a tool belt, so it can be at hand when the user is standing on a ladder. It is made of 16-ga steel and features a rust-resistant zinc coating.

Midwest Tool & Cutlery Co., P.O. Box 160, 1210 Progress St., Sturgis, MI 49091; www.midwestsnips.com

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