The Smart Components™ line includes 13 SEER air conditioning condensing units with Microchannel technology. The Microchannel technology replaces traditional copper tube-aluminum fin heat exchangers with all-aluminum, multipath, parallel-flow tubes, and enhanced fins. According to the manufacturer, this technology is more efficient, resulting in a unit that is up to 40 percent smaller, 30 percent lighter, and requires up to 50 percent less refrigerant, which allows for easier installation and maintenance and has up to seven times the corrosion resistance of conventional units. Furnaces in the line are air conditioner- and heat pump-ready. A built-in coil cabinet provides for the installation of an a/c evaporator without the moisture problems associated with an uncased coil, says the company. Electric furnaces feature sound-absorbing insulation. Evaporator coils from the line can work with any manufactured housing-type furnace. The coils are offered in nominal 2-5-ton capacities.

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