The energy-efficient HD-7.5 and HD-3 Indirect Heating Systems are designed to improve workspace environments and reduce fuel consumption and heating costs. The HD units come fully self-contained with an indirect-fired heat exchanger designed to keep products of combustion and moisture separate from conditioned air and a process air blower to allow for single-point power and duct connections. The units have adjustable airflow to utilize full capacity of the heater at maximum outlet temperature, says the company. The HD-3 is ideal for heating construction sites and allows a wide variety of airflow combinations with fresh return or dehumidified air, to provide precise and efficient climate control, the company says. The HD-3 unit has a 100°F rise at 2,500 cfm with a high temperature limit of 179°. The HD-7.5 can be used in conjunction with dehumidifiers, high static blowers, or as a stand-alone heater. It has a 100° rise at 8,000 scfm with a high temperature limit of 230°.

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