Robur Corp. is inviting interested parties to attend a service training class on Robur’s latest absorption cooling and heating technology scheduled for March 4-6, 2008. This training will be held at the Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center at 1901 Lynch Road, Evansville, Ind.

Service training will be on the following models:

• F60 (Standard), HT (Comfort Conditioning for High Ambient Areas), TK (Process Applications), LB (Refrigeration), and HR (Heat Recovery) models.

• F60-119/2 and AYF60-119/4. Chiller Heater Models – Two & Four Pipe.

• HP-A (High Efficiency Heat Only Heat Pump).

• HP-AR (Reversible Cycle Cooling and Heating, Heat Pump).

• HP-W and GAHP-W-LB (Ground Source Heat Pump, Heating and Cooling).

In addition, the class will include installation and programming for the optional DDC control.

For hands-on training, each desk (two students) will have a working microprocessor board and DDC controller. For additional hands-on training, the GAHP-AR (Reversible Cycle Heat Pump) will be used. This training class is required as part of the Authorized Service Center Program.

The cost will be $350 per person and will include lunch and manuals. Payment must be sent with the registration form. Contact Willis Schroader at for a form and more information.

Publication date:02/18/2008