FARMINGTON, Conn. - Marking a new emphasis on IAQ, contractors who purchase a CG1000 electronic air cleaner from any local Totaline distributor can receive a free pair of left- or right-cutting sheet metal snips.

“The free sheet metal snips offer is just the beginning for IAQ,” said Mike Dziok, Totaline marketing manager. “In October, we’re giving away a heavy-duty work shirt when you purchase certain Totaline HEPA air cleaners, and later, in November, we offer a free replacement bulb with the purchase of Totaline Saber Object Purifiers.”

According to Dziok, the distributor carries a complete line of IAQ products, including media filters, HEPA filters, humidifiers, HRVs/ERVs, air purifiers, UV lighting, commercial smoke detectors, etc. “Any IAQ product is a huge opportunity right now,” he noted. “My advice to contractors? Check our Website every month.”


Publication date:03/03/2008