KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) has been nationally recognized for its energy conservation programs. Highlights of the programs include:

• At 15,000 houses, the utility has installed free programmable thermostats that it can remotely control to reduce electricity demand for limited amounts of time on the hottest days. KCP&L hopes to install at least 12,000 more thermostats in the coming year.

• Large commercial customers have shifted some production to off-peak times.

• The utility recently unveiled a program to pay up to $850 toward installing a new, energy-efficient air conditioning and heating system in existing houses.

• KCP&L will have financial incentives that will encourage builders to install the most efficient appliances and equipment in new homes.

• Rebates are given to customers for using compact fluorescent light bulbs.

• An online Home Energy Analyzer program for residential customers tracks energy use and provides ways to improve efficiency. (More information is available at www.kcpl.com.)

According to a company spokesperson, KCP&L’s goal is to cancel out the annual projected growth of demand for its electricity. Early signs indicate that KCP&L’s programs have cut electricity demand by 30 percent more than initially predicted.

Publication date:10/29/2007