NEW YORK - In conjunction with the 2008 Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Exposition, Arkema announced that it has joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership, which includes refrigerant manufacturers such as Arkema, several supermarket chains, and refrigeration systems manufacturers.

The GreenChill partnership works to promote green technologies, strategies, and practices that protect the stratospheric ozone layer and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, said the company.

“The GreenChill Program is proud to have Arkema join its growing list of partners,” said Julius Banks, acting branch chief of the U.S. EPA’s Alternatives and Emissions Reduction Branch, in a statement.

“Arkema’s role as an industry leader in the fluorochemicals business and in environmental sustainability demonstrates that environmental stewardship makes good business sense.”

“During the last decade, Arkema has invested approximately $250 million in next-generation refrigerant development, manufacturing, and product stewardship,” said Emanuel (Manny) Katz, regional group president, North America, for Arkema’s Fluorochemicals Business.

“The EPA is pleased that industry continues to develop new environmentally-sound alternatives to HCFC-22 in preparation for the upcoming phaseout in 2010,” said Margaret Sheppard, coordinator for EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy Program.

Publication date:03/03/2008