A family of tankless water heater water and gas connection kits provides installers with all of the components needed to easily and economically install gas or electric tankless water heaters, said the company. Each kit consists of service valves designed specifically for tankless water heaters, a gas connector, and two water connectors. The service valves, with dual 3/4-inch NPT union connections, are easy to install and connect. The valve handles are color-coded for hot (red) and cold (blue), and feature a valve for isolation of the tankless unit. The Ultraflow™ gas connector was designed specifically for high-Btu applications. The No-Neck® design increases connector flexibility. The connector is coated with a heavy-duty, gray antimicrobial PVC for protection against UV rays and other environmental factors. The water connectors are 24-inch flexible stainless steel braided connectors with brass compression end fittings and are made specifically for residential and commercial water heaters.

Dormont Manufacturing Co., 6015 Enterprise Dr., Export, PA 15632; www.dormont.com

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