A push-to-connect water line installation kit for ice makers, refrigerators, humidifiers, under-the-counter water filters, and evaporative coolers is available. According to the manufacturer, the kit eliminates the shortcomings of traditional kits, which use a piercing saddle valve to puncture a hole into copper water supply lines, with a quick-connect fitting that is installed inline. It requires no soldering. To install, cut the copper line and reconnect by inserting the ends into the quick-connect fitting. An integral shutoff valve with a 1/4-inch quick connection provides the water supply to the appliance through 25 feet of PEX supply line, included in the kit. The kit includes both a compression fitting and a quick-connect union for compatibility with most major appliance manufacturer brands.

Dormont Manufacturing Co., 6015 Enterprise Dr., Export, PA 15632; www.dormont.com

eProduct 190