COMPANY:A.O. Reed & Co., San Diego

INSTALLATION:An assortment of York® units.


CUSTOMER:United States Postal Service

OBJECTIVE:Alleviate global warming threats by eliminating CFC-containing refrigerants in government facilities.

DESCRIPTION:With the support of Johnson Controls-Unitary Products, A.O. Reed & Co. of San Diego installed York light-commercial air conditioning units in 17 post office locations across the San Diego and Los Angeles areas. The York units, part of an overall $5 million United States Postal Service (USPS) project, include a range of sizes and models - from the 40-ton Millennium, 15- and 20-ton Magnum, and 6.5- and 7.5-ton Predator to a set of 5-ton Affinity Series units - all containing R-410A refrigerant. All of the necessary electrical connections to hook up the new units to the existing power service and all of the new gas piping to the new units from existing gas service were installed as well. New condensate piping was added, as were new setback thermostats and smoke detectors in the supply air of each unit over five tons.

“We believe that the completed projects will provide these U.S. Post Offices with many years of energy cost savings and efficient operation.”
- Chris Cosgrove, A.O. Reed project manager

Publication date:01/14/2008