Has anyone seen where global warming went? Last I checked I was trying not to freeze to death while I shoveled my Michigan driveway for the third or fourth time in a little over a week. There hasn’t been any evidence of global warming in my daily commute the past few weeks either. Last Monday we got a surprise inch of snow just in time to slip at a snail’s pace through morning rush hour traffic. Somebody please remind me to send Al Gore a thank you card.

Some argue that the unseasonable cold and changing weather patterns across the United States are results of global warming. With the recent round of heated arguments about global cooling, I am still on the fence as to who has the legitimate scientific proof to back up their theory. In my quest to find proof, I have come up with a few new questions for the climate change gurus. If one side or the other has lied, then what is their motivation? Who benefits and how from making stories up about the condition of our climate? And if neither is lying, then are both partially right? And if both are partially right, then shouldn’t we be looking for a compromise and combination of theories instead of drawing up battle lines?

Let me know what you think, and until then, here’s hoping I won’t be longing for Chicago when I attend the AHR Expo next week in the unseasonably cold Orlando, Fla.