According to the manufacturer, the Wobble Light provides tradesmen a substitute to tripod-mounted lights that require time-consuming setup and can easily tip over and break. The 3-foot tall unit is a 360-degree self-righting work light. The 27-pound light sits on a rounded, counterweighted base that keeps it upright despite any bangs or bumps it receives. A polycarbonate dome and floating shock system protects the bulb from jarring and strikes. The unit’s internal ventilation system ensures that it stays cool to the touch. A lighting unit can illuminate areas of 20-110 feet in diameter. A built-in handle allows users to easily drag the light from one place to another. It also has a separate power outlet built right into the base, which allows users to plug in a power tool or daisy chain several Wobble Lights together to illuminate a larger area. Four different models are available.

Wobble Light LLC, 3721 N. Venture Rd., Ste. 180, Arlington Heights, IL 60004; 847-577-3720; 847-577-3875 (fax);;

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