Larson Electronics LLC: Mounted Remote Control Work LightThe FPM-72-GLS fixed-pole mounted remote control work light is designed to provide convenient and secure lighting for operators working from within the utility vehicle or when away from the vehicle. This pole mounted light has a 65-W remote control light head mounted on top of a 6-foot-tall aluminum pole equipped with a slip-fit mounting base for attachment to the sides of man lifts, lift buckets, trailers, or utility vehicles. The 6.5 million candlepower spotlight draws 5.43 A from a 12-V dc power source. The aluminum construction, high-power LED light output, easy mounting, and high degree of adjustability make this an ideal lightweight alternative to heavy and cumbersome metal halide or incandescent tripod lighting systems. Remote control functions include on-off and four buttons, which control up, down, left, and right movement. The light will continue movement as long as the buttons are depressed. Releasing the buttons stops movement and the light will hold its position. A fast- and slow-mode button controls the speed of the motor while the pan and tilt function buttons are depressed. The 65-W bulb in this unit is paired with a tight focus reflector and thick glass lens to produce a narrow spot beam 850 feet in length.

Larson Electronics LLC

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