The DV-8 is a residential direct vent sealed combustion cast iron boiler for water and steam-based heating systems. The water boiler is available with an optional hot water coil that can produce up to 3.5 gallons of domestic hot water per minute, eliminating the need for a separate hot water tank. It is small and compactly designed for newer homes with tight construction and no chimney. According to the manufacturer, the system is ideal for use in retrofit applications - particularly in older homes where the chimney is unusable or homes being converted from electric heating. The DV-8 is available in sizes ranging from 91 to 150 MBtuh and features extra-deep cast iron sections; thicker walls with a higher-mass, oversized combustion chamber for clean combustion; quiet rear outlet design; gas-tight cleanout cover for easy maintenance; and a limited lifetime warranty. Concentric sidewall venting and 15 feet of double wall insulated stainless steel flexible vent pipe is also provided.

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