COLUMBUS - The Heating, Airconditioning, and Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) will be holding an intensive workshop for hydronics distributors in Hartford, Conn., before the start of the 2008 National Association of Oil Heating Service Managers’ (NAOHSMs’) Annual Convention. “MCD - Hydronics: Issues, Opportunities, and Training for the Hydronics Distributor” will be held May 19, 2008, and will focus entirely on the needs of wholesale distributors of hydronics products. Market Center Distribution (MCD) is HARDI’s representation of HVACR distribution as “spots on a map,” in which the value of each distributor is its ability to serve the specific needs of local markets. This workshop will focus on the distinct needs of hydronics markets, the trades that install hydronic applications, and the traits necessary to be a successful hydronics distributor.

Dan Holohan of Dan Holohan Associates and is confirmed for the event sponsored by HARDI’s Hydronics & Radiant Council, which recently expanded to include hydronic cooling. The council addresses distributor issues in all hydronics markets. “We just started this new product council at HARDI a few months ago, but interest has been overwhelming,” reported council chair and former HARDI President Randy Tice of APR Supply in Lebanon, Pa. “NAOHSM is the center of the hydronics universe in the Northeast next spring, so it just made sense to spend a day focusing on hydronics distributors before the show officially starts that evening.”

Council Vice Chair, Bill Bergamini of ILLCO Inc., Aurora, Ill., has also been a key driver for this workshop.

“NAOHSM and the intricacies of the Northeast hydronics market are very different from the Midwest hydronics market, however, I’ve already learned so much just by coming to understand the hydronics markets in other parts of the country through our new council,” said Bergamini. “I really want to encourage any distributor of hydronics products outside of the Northeast, including Canada, to attend this workshop so they can see the value I’ve gotten from networking with hydronics distributors outside my region.”

The workshop will be open to any wholesale distributor, with special registration discounts for HARDI member companies.

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Publication Date:12/24/2007