NORWALK, Conn. - Mechanical contractor Emcor Group Inc. recently recognized a number of its subsidiaries for their achievements in safety and service excellence. The company celebrated 60 Safety and Craftsman awards at its 2007 Management Conference in Dallas. The awards reflect the company’s continuing commitment to the safety goal of zero accidents.

“Emcor’s companies are consistently recognized for their quality work, which is delivered with a rare combination of skill, dedication, and a passion for safety,” said Frank T. MacInnis, chairman and CEO of Emcor Group. “We are very proud to recognize all of these achievements and congratulate our entire team of 27,000 professionals for their continued commitment to excellence.”

Among the company’s safety milestones:

• The entire company worked 35 million more labor hours in 2006 than in 1999 without an increase in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable accidents.

• The company said it reduced more exertion-type injuries by 32 percent over a 24-month period ending June 2007.

• Emcor Services New England Mechanical was honored with an ABC Platinum Level STEP Award for Safety.

• Poole and Kent Corp. received an MCAA Safety Statistics Program Award of Safety Excellence.


“While our unwavering goal is zero accidents across all our companies, we are also committed to achieving behavioral change among all our employees so that safety becomes a part of their lives both in and outside of the workplace,” said Dave Copley, vice president, Safety and Quality Management for Emcor Group Inc.

The company’s approach to improving safety is part of a multitiered, integrated approach that includes improving quality and productivity. Through its Safety and Quality Management (SQM) Department, the company’s zero-accident program covers its more than 75 subsidiary companies and 27,000 employees.

The program involves safety performance visits by SQM professionals to all levels of the organization, including top field management, administration, field supervision, and labor.

The program is further augmented by the “Emcor Productivity Plus Road Show,” an in-field program designed to educate Emcor employees on how to “change the way they work” in order to reduce risk, fatigue, and injury, and to increase productivity.

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Publication date:11/12/2007