Erik Rasmussen has been named international programs manager for the Carbon Monoxide Safety Association (COSA). Before joining COSA, he worked as a service and installation specialist for natural gas, propane, oil heat, and air conditioning systems; as a contractor; an HVACR instructor; and combustion and carbon monoxide safety instructor for Bacharach Manufacturing.

Rasmussen is coauthor ofCarbon Monoxide, A Clear and Present Danger, and author ofCombustion Analysis & Fuel Efficiency.

As COSA’s international programs manager, he will work with environmental and energy technicians and inspectors, HVACR technicians, combustion equipment manufacturers, emergency response teams, health technicians, civic groups, government, fuel suppliers, and building and mechanical inspectors to provide state-of-the-art training in CO safety, combustion analysis and fuel efficiency, green mechanical awareness, fuel gas piping, universal R-410A safety and training, and train-the-trainers programs.

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Publication date:12/17/2007