GREENVILLE, Ill. - Enertech Inc. and Northern Geothermal Corp. announced that they plan to cease sourcing product from WaterFurnace International Industries (WFI) of Fort Wayne, Ind. Enertech and Northern Geothermal make up one of the nation’s largest geothermal distribution companies. Assets include both the GeoComfort® and Paradise™ brands of geothermal heating and cooling equipment.

The announcement comes in the wake of the development of Enertech Manufacturing LLC, as a result of the entity’s acquisition of the manufacturing facility and intellectual property of Hydron Module LLC, a geothermal heating and cooling equipment company based in Mitchell, S.D.

“Our distribution companies have always prided themselves in the fact that we offer the best customer service, technical support, and sales support in the industry,” said Steve Smith, managing partner of Enertech Manufacturing. Enertech Manufacturing has begun construction on a plant expansion at the Mitchell facility in order to better meet the growing demand for the GeoComfort and Paradise brands. The transition to GeoComfort and Paradise branded product manufactured exclusively by Enertech Manufacturing is planned to be complete within the next 12 months. In addition, the company will continue to manufacture and provide the Hydron Module brand to its existing dealer and distribution network.

“We are a family-owned company who answers to the wants and needs of our customers rather than to the returns demanded by shareholders,” said Shawn Melton, a second managing partner of Enertech Manufacturing. “We think that puts us in a position to be very successful as we add manufacturing to our already booming geothermal business.”

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Publication date:12/03/2007