The Query and Dashboards module for the Spectrum™ construction software provides graphic displays (or dashboards) of a construction company’s key performance indicators. The module provides real-time access to financial, schedule, and project information. Dashboards are tailored to the specific needs of financial, operations, and executive personnel. The Job Backlog dashboard can provide company owners and executives with a graphic display of the company’s projected future income stream, based on the value of the company’s construction projects. Top management can view jobs in various stages - active, signed, awarded, and proposed - on a monthly basis, extending more than a year into the future. This helps the company pinpoint months when adding new construction projects will become critical to its financial health. Dashboards designed for the operations group include Job Profit Trend/Fade, Change Requests, Over/Under Billing, Unapproved Invoices, Jobs Near Completion, RFI & Change Request Aging, and Project Cash Flow. The module’s Query Builder allows users to set up recurring database queries about key performance areas of the company. The query automatically notifies the user via e-mail when a particular event has occurred, like a project falling behind schedule by a specified number of days.

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